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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Radio Uncensored has moved

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We are ova here now.

Please update your bookmarks to point to

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

New Radio Uncensored Preview

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We are working to bring you a totally redesigned Radio Uncensored blog. Check out the sneak preview here. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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Pests vs. Philip Philes

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Pests have been put into action by Opie and Anthony to attack the show "Philip Philes" who alledgedly stole O&A's Attack On The Media contest, where O&A "pests" go out and ruin broadcasts by using the airtime to promote Opie and Anthony.

Links to some audio of the invasion can be found here and here.

Discussion has been rampant on both and

Eric Logan, Executive Vice President, Programming alledgedly called into Opie and Anthony's show to shoot down Philip's assertion that his show is the #1 non-music program on XM radio. Philip is alledging that that was not in fact Eric Logan but an imposter, saying Logan is on vacation with his family.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Stern Stunts David Lee Roth Show

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Stern started his show this morning with a hoax broadcast which had him being replaced with David Lee Roth, which has been speculated by various news outlets before and now still after the fake broadcast. Here's one report via Billboard Magazine....

NEW YORK (Billboard) - Infinity Broadcasting isn't commenting on an online report penned by a former Howard Stern Show regular that suggests
David Lee Roth will be one of the personalities that ultimately replaces the ribald DJ on the airwaves.

Chaunce Hayden, a gossip and celebrity writer for New York/New Jersey entertainment guide, writes that "an Infinity source has confirmed the signing."

In February, the Securities and Exchange Commission reportedly questioned Hayden about possible insider trading of shares in Sirius Satellite Radio. Hayden was in Stern's studio Oct. 6, 2004, the day Stern announced his plans to move to Sirius in January 2006. The news drove up Sirius shares by 16% at the close of that day's trading.

What is certain is that Roth is among many entertainers that Infinity has auditioned on-air since Stern's bombshell announcement last year. Infinity executives have repeatedly made it clear that they are not looking for a singular personality to succeed Stern.

In April, Infinity president of programing Rob Barnett told Billboard Radio Monitor he was working with Roth in Boston at classic rock station WZLX. "The station has kind of turned the town on its ear with cab drivers, waiters and waitresses and employees of Barnes & Noble talking about this amazing guy on the radio," Barnett said. "It's an example of just being able to surprise and entertain your listeners without necessarily giving them the exact same menu every day." In Boston, Stern is heard on Infinity modern rock station WBCN.

The Diamond Dave-as-morning-man idea actually sprung from an Infinity station 3,000 miles away. VP of FM talk Jack Silver put Roth on the air for three hours earlier this year at KLSX Los Angeles, which Silver programs. "We were so taken by that performance that we created a stunt here in Boston to give classic rock listeners the opportunity to hear him all week long," Barnett said in April.

Infinity chairman and CEO Joel Hollander said in February, "One thing you should expect not to happen, is one person to be dropped in to replace (Stern) at 27 radio stations."

While Stern's contract is set to end Dec. 31, 2005, Hayden says that Roth will hit the airwaves in early September. Asked to comment on the Roth rumor, an Infinity spokesperson said, "We are looking at a number of personalities to replace Howard Stern, however there are no imminent announcements at this time."

Roth has two summer concerts on his schedule: July 15 in Sarnia, Ontario, and July 29 in Redding, Calif.

uncensored: were you playing with the press or is lee roth going to replace howard once his contract ends?
chaunce hayden: did you hear Howard today
uncensored: yes
uncensored: im not talking about the hoax
uncensored: im talking about post howard leaving
uncensored: you mentioned in billboard that "an Infinity source has confirmed the signing."
uncensored: is that just more playing with the press?
chaunce hayden: i thought you heard Howard today?
chaunce hayden: he confirmed it.. did you turn the show off after the first 5 min?
uncensored: no

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Stingray doesn't support the O&A Show

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It's a damn shame that Stingray, in his duplicity, doesn't like or support the Opie and Anthony show, and in fact, rather continue to have his site to be the continuing cesspool of whiners, complainers, and Norton parrots than being a positive voice to help the show evolve.

Where does this come from, do you ask?

Well, you may have noticed that some posters' sigs feature this text:

"I support O&A and am grateful that we have a show that continues to evolve rather than stagnate."

Linking back to this site:

Unfortunately, Stingray has deemed that the screename of the person who runs that site, Frenik, to be one of the dreaded BANNED WORDS ON WACKBAG. Frenik's name and matching URL shows up as censored.

What does this mean?

Sting is AGAINST a campaign that supports O&A! Sting prefers to have his users not take part in a positive action that goes against the endless bitching that has run rampant on messageboards since the show has come back.

I label Stingray as an ENEMY of the Opie and Anthony show, and a person who can be the posterboy for the negativity that surrounds the XM show.

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Friday, July 15, 2005

DJs Fired Over How To Fight Cops Segment

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Thanks to MrBogey on for this...

"Two hip-hop radio personalities have been suspended for an on-air discussion of ways to fight police officers - comments made not long after an officer was slain. Officials at KATZ-FM would not detail the comments, but said the remarks made on Wednesday related to ways to hurt or disarm police officers. The two suspended disc jockeys, whose professional names are DJ Kaos and DJ Sylli Asz, were discussing with callers on their morning show how to fight for an officer's radio so he or she cannot call for help, the station said."


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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Todd Lynn on O&A

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Former Hot97 host Todd Lynn was in studio this morning, and had a lot of interesting things to say.

He pretty much threw everyone under the bus pertaining to the the Tsunami song, with the exception of Miss Jones - who he claimed DID question the playing of the song, but "went with it" when Rick Delgado said it was cleared with management and the lawyers. He said that Jones wasn't even in the studio when it was happening; that she was still on maternity leave and using an ISDN line from home.

He sounded very bitter when it came to the loss of his side jobs over the brouhaha, especially the loss of voiceover work with Budweiser. He pointed a finger at Wendy Williams for that.

He saved a lot of venom for management of Hot 97, especially the program director, music director, and general manager of the station. He said that he wanted to apologize and quit on air to save face, but the management wouldn't even allow him to do that. (If that's the case - if he wanted to quit - isn't there grounds for some sort of wrongful termination suit there?)

Some of the biggest dirt was for Miss Info - who he claimed was going to be fired a week or so before the Tsunami Song controversy, and then converted the infamy from that into her own show and "at least a quarter of a million dollar paycheck".

Finally, a finger was also pointed at "Internet Bloggers" - singling out JSmooth from - who he claimed was also partially responsible for organizing the controversy against the station.

JSmooth's response:

This morning a little-known comedian named Todd Lynn was interviewed on Opie and Anthony's XM radio show, talking for almost an hour about about his involvement with the Hot 97 "Tsunami Song" incident. The entire interview is available for download here.

Not surprisingly the conversation was peppered with numerous racist jokes and anti-asian comments. Also about 20 minutes into the interview he starts discussing this website, beginning with a threat to physically assault me.

"There was a website called, and this a**hole, if I ever see him I will whoop his ass and I will suffer whatever ramification."

Later he mistakenly identifies me as white, falsely claims that I posted his personal information online, and credits this site with "singlehandly taking Emmis communication down."

Todd Lynn frequently performs at The Comedy Cellar.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

EXCLUSIVE: Wackbag's New Admin

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OAU has learned the identity of the newest admin of Wackbag.

Thanks to T Brokenjaw and the usual gang of idiots at for the inspiration.

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O&A Time Machine: Bang Party

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Thanks to Danked on CDIH for this....

Right-Click and Save As, please.

It's a three-parter because I used to edit them into 7-10 minute segments when I cared.


The bang party pretty much caused the explosion of from a small Opie and Anthony community to a full blown clusterfuck.

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| Softball Game In Manhattan

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Field: New York City, East River Park Field number 2

Date: Saturday August 20th
Time: 12-4

Park is located at East River Drive Park enter at Houston Street or East 12th st. Game will be played at field 2 (grant street field)

The permit is $32 so donations will be accepted.

This is a rather large field so we now have access to a picnic and
bbq area.

More details here.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Update: Sting's Bad Timing

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So why today of all days does Sting pick today to quit?

Get this: He claims that the Freda Sorce threads had nothing to do with his resignation, and that it was just "really bad timing".

He claims that he had absolutely ZERO contact with the internet or anything else. And although he had heard about the accident, he didn't have a chance to read his site until tonight.

Dumb question... which pokes a hole into Sting's explanation...

Freda Sorce's death is mainly a local story in DC, and a non-story in NYC, except on the internet and the WNEW-related messageboards.

So if Sting had no contact with the internet - or anyone having to do with the 'net or the boards - how did he know about the accident?

He also claims that he didn't have a chance to look at Wackbag or talk to anyone else before he posted his resignation.

So are you telling me that when he logged on - nobody IMed him - he had no emails waiting for him - no PMs waiting for him - NOTHING? One would think after today's events, he'd have an insane amount of PMs waiting for him.

He's claiming that his decision was first mentioned two months ago, and the process of picking his successors was going on since then.

Why quit today, then, with no successors in place? Wouldn't you pick the successors FIRST and then quit? I mean, that's what FM Jeff did.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

FLASH: Sting Quits Wackbag

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Oh Sting, we hardly knew ye:

As some of you may have noticed, I havent been active or at times even had a chance to read this board in the last few months.

Don't kid yourself. You haven't been active on the board since it began.

It's been 5 years and the board has morphed into something I did not originally intend, I'm not saying thats a bad thing, it outgrew me and took on a life of its own. It isnt my hobby anymore, it's just too big and time consuming now to be a hobby and I dont have the time to properly admin it.

If you had July 11th, 2005 in the pool... YOU WON!

I will be stepping down as Admin of this site sometime this week, Votes are going on in the mod forum now as to the 2 mods that will take over as co-admins. Do NOT confuse this with any thought that the board may change. I expect it to continue as it was when I was an active administrator for the past 5 years.

In other words, Ant probably Froy'ed your ass. Nice. I applaud Mr. Cumia on his OUTSTANDING pimphand.

The two co-Administrators will be announced by this weekend. I will stay on as a mod and also do work behind the scenes on the server and software when need be.

Wha... what the... you actually did Behind the Scenes Shit? Are you JustMike? FollowThisMikey?

BB1 better get one of those Co-Admin slots. If Zagman gets it, I would advise all female users to get the hell off Wackbag immediately.

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EDITORIAL: An open letter to Wackbag's users

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Originally posted on Addressed to anyone who finds any sort of humor in the death of Freda Sorce

Let me humanize this for a lot of people, so people see the utmost stark reality here...

There is a fine line between the RADIO world - and the REAL world.

Yes, Don and Mike and O&A don't like each other. There are people in your job you don't like. But do you really wish, deep down, inside, that the person you don't like goes home tonight and finds out that their wife or mother was in a car accident - a head on collision with an SUV when she's driving a sports car?

That the accident is so bad that she'll probably need a closed casket funeral because probably most of her face and chest is missing?

Think about that. Do you really wish that on someone? Because if you do, then you don't belong to the human race.

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Wackbag Makes Fun Of DJ's Wife's Death

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Discussion on The Uncensored Opie & Anthony Forums

Several members of Wackbag contributed to a thread where they piled on jokes making fun of the death of Don Geronimo's wife, Freda. Don Geronimo is one half of the radio duo Don and Mike whom O&A sparred with while on WNEW.

The story of Don's wife's death is here

Photo of her accident here

The thread was deleted only after Anthony berated listeners who had gone to Don and Mike's website to make fun of her death and created photoshopped pictures mocking her and Don.

One of the threads was saved by frenik before it was deleted. It can be viewed here.

Other O&A fan sites for the most part have been sending their condolences for Don's loss.

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Anthony Explodes On Wackbag

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From Who puts together best of's thread on Wackbag...

Quote from Oscardeladildo....

I don't know who decides what gets put in to the WORST OF file (unless they really are going for the worst), but lately it's been horrible. Like the argument between Ant and Norton about gravity. Wow, what a complete waste of hard drive space. Or when Ant was doing his impressions of hitting the post at the oldies station. Sure, they were mildly funny at best just once. But as a worst of?? No way...

Anthony (wifflebatlube) replies....

You know something?
Fuck off.

First off, Worst of is mostly for the people who DIDN'T hear it the first time.
Secondly, Who the fuck are YOU? You know what everyone thinks was funny and what wasn't? What a pompus dickbag.
We love having our shit out there for people to listen to but if a bitching little cunt like you doesn't want his feed yanked I'd keep my fucking yap shut.
Try filling your fucking webcast without ANY of our content. Not just the shit that "doesn't suck."
Fucking asshole.

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